Nike Authentic jerseys run true to size, but have an athletic, slim fit to mimic the fit of the players’ jerseys. If you prefer a loose fitting jersey, you will need to size up at least one size.

The NBA on-court jerseys have been trending towards a slim, athletic fit for the better part of a decade now. Gone are the days of loose-fitting tops, and so if you prefer a relaxed, baggy fit, then you will need to size up

The jersey is very snug through the shoulders and chest area, but because the material is soft and stretches, it doesn’t feet like you’re wearing a straitjacket. Despite being slim and snug, it is quite comfortable.

Nike Authentic Jersey Sizing

The Nike Authentic jerseys use numerical sizing instead of the standard small-medium-large sizing. Here is how the sizing works:

  • Size 40 = Small
  • Size 44 = Medium
  • Size 48 = Large
  • Size 52 = XL
  • Size 56 = XXL
  • Size 58 = 3XL

The Nike Authentic jerseys also have more length than Nike Swingman jerseys do. For example, here is my size 44 Nike Authentic (on left) sitting next to my size medium Nike Swingman (on right).

As you can see there is a couple extra inches in length even though a size 44 is the equivalent through the chest of a size medium.

In summary, expect the Nike Authentic NBA jerseys to fit slim. They are fitted through the chest, and slim through the stomach.

They have extra length in comparison to the Nike Swingman jerseys. If you prefer a baggy, loose fit, you probably need to size up.

Here is my size 44 (medium equivalent) Nike Authentic compared to a medium Hanes undershirt straight out of the package:

As you can see, the size 44 Nike Authentic jerseys run just a touch bigger than a medium undershirt (with more length). This should give you an idea on sizing.

When you buy an Nike Authentic jersey, you are buying what the players wear, minus a few details like the sponsor logo patch that the players’ jerseys have (sponsor logo not available in most jerseys).

The material, feel, and finishes will be the same as the players’ jerseys. Here are the features you can expect with your Nike Authentic jersey, followed by photos my Nike Authentic jersey.

  • Nike Connected implanted chip in jock tag, which gives you digital access to player and team specific scores, stats, highlights and other extras (more on that below)
  • Open venting at bottom sides for freedom of movement and comfort
  • Heat-sealed NBA logo on back neckline, and franchise’s championship gold-number badge on back neck collar
  • Lightweight, quick-drying fabric that features ventilation throughout the jersey (photos below)
  • Machine washable made with 100% recycled polyester
  • Some editions feature a unique team tagline stitched above the jock tag

In this photo you can see several features of the Nike Authentic jersey that I own:

  • The Nike Connect chip built-in to jock tag
  • The unique team tagline stitched above the jock tag
  • The material ventilation running up the side of the jersey
  • The side vents built-in for added mobility

Nike Authentic NBA Connected Jersey

The Nike Authentic jersey is a Nike Connected jersey – what does that mean?

A Nike Connected jersey is a digitally-enabled jersey that is intended to further enhance your fan connection to the game by giving you access to player and team specific scores, stats, and highlights by combining your Nike Connected jersey with the Nike Connect App.

Nike Connected jerseys (like the Nike Authentic and Nike Swingman) have a chip in the jock tag (see my picture below). To pair your jersey with your eligible smart phone, you simply download the Nike Connect app, then when the app is up on your screen, you tap your phone against the jock tag on the jersey (which has the built-in chip).

NBA Nike Authentic Jersey Review: Photos

Here are the pictures of the Nike Authentic jersey that I own. I am 6’3″ 200 pounds and own a size 44, which is the equivalent of a medium. Also, for reference, here I am wearing a medium t-shirt:

As you can see the Nike Authentic jersey has an athletic, slim fit. It is snug through the chest, sitting against the skin, and a little looser, but still slim, through the stomach area. If you prefer a loose fit, size up.

There is a lot of authentic detail that sets the Nike Authentic jersey apart from the Nike Swingman. It has sewn-on letters and numbers on the front and back (Nike Swingman does not).

It features the franchise’s championship gold-number badge on back neckline. Some editions also have a team tagline (like “Brotherly Love” for the PHI jerseys shown above) stitched above the jock tag.

The material is 100% recycled polyester and is a stretch fabric, which makes it very comfortable to wear even though it is a slim fit. The Nike Authentic jerseys feature vented paneling across the material, meaning that the look of the material changes throughout the jersey.

For example, the side and the chest have ventilation built-in for added comfort. See photos above how ventilation changes on sides and near front-chest letters. This is a feature the Nike Swingman jerseys do not have.

Nike Authentic NBA Jersey Review: Summary

The Nike Authentic jerseys are engineered with the exact specifications of the jerseys the players wear, making them the most premium piece of NBA fan apparel you can own. Because of this they are both in high demand, and more expensive than other jerseys.

But there is a lot of quality in these jerseys that separate them from other options on the market. The material is a stretch material with built-in ventilation for added comfort.

The side hems of the jersey have vents built in for added mobility. The jersey features sewn-on numbers and letters, and has the franchises’ championship gold-numbered badge on the back neck collar.

Nike Authentic jerseys do run slim. I did not have to size up, but it was close. If you are in between sizes, I recommend sizing up. If you want a loose fit, you will need to size up.

The Nike Authentic jerseys also feature the Nike Connect chip built-in to the jock tag which gives you access to player and team specific scores, stats, and highlights. Because the Nike Authentic jerseys are so valuable, there are fakes out there, so I recommend buying from a trusted source.

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